UPS Shipping Services

Service Name Service Description
UPS SurePost UPS SurePost is an economical package delivery service where USPS delivers UPS packages to your mailbox rather than directly to you door.
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UPS Ground UPS Ground is the cheapest door to door service that UPS offers. The benefits of shipping by UPS Ground includes:
• Should you choose guaranteed delivery you will know exactly when your shipment arrives;
• Best suited for routine shipments
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UPS 3 Day Select UPS 3 Day Select guarantees that your package will arrive in three business days. However, there are some things you need to know when choosing UPS 3 Day Select when ordering or sending packages:
• The three business days does not count the day the package is shipped. Therefore if you ship your package on a Wednesday your customer won't get the package until the following Monday. If you ship on Friday or over the weekend your customer won't receive the package until Thursday;
• There is a day definite option for packages that are not time sensitive;
• This option only includes packages to be sent and received within the lower 48 states;
• Free UPS packaging is available
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UPS 2nd Day Air UPS 2nd Day Air means that any package shipped with arrives at its location by the end of the second business day. This applies only to packages shipped within the continental U.S. and to Puerto Rico. Other features of UPS 2nd Day Air shipping includes:
• Free UPS packaging if available;
• Best economical alternative for shipments that do not need overnight shipping
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UPS Next Day Air Saver UPS Next Day Air Saver delivers your package in the afternoon of the next business day. Features of this service include:
• Packages arrive the next day in the afternoon normally by 3:00PM to 4:30PM to commercial addresses and by the end of the day to residential addresses or you get your money back;
• Shipping is for the continental US and limited addresses in Alaska and Hawaii;
• Free UPS packaging available
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UPS Next Day Air UPS Next Day Air is a time definite package delivery service that delivers packages within the continental US and other UPS selected areas outside of the US. UPS Next Day Air has the following features:
• Packages arrives the day after a package is entered into the UPS system;
• Guaranteed arrival time either 10:30AM or 12:00PM to most areas or you get your money back;
• Free UPS packaging is available;
• UPS Next Day Air serves more zip codes than FedEx Priority Overnight
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UPS Ground with Freight Pricing US Ground with Freight pricing is best suited for businesses shipping multiple packages with a combined weight of more than 150 pounds. Other features of this service includes:
• Guaranteed on-time performance of delivery of your packages;
• Complete visibility on each package during the delivery process
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UPS Worldwide Expedited UPS Worldwide Expedited shipping service is an economical way to ship non-urgent packages internationally. Features of this service includes:
• Day definite delivery guaranteed or you get your money back;
• You can send packages to over 220 different countries and territories (packages can be sent from more 80 countries and territories);
• UPS Worldwide Expedited provides door to door service with in-house customer clearance included as part of the price;
• UPS will make 3 delivery attempts with each package
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UPS Worldwide Saver UPS Worldwide Saver delivers packages to various international destinations within 1-3 business days (by the end of the day). This service features:
• 1 business day delivery to Canada, 2 day delivery to Europe and Latin America, and 3 day delivery to Asia;
• Can send packages to over 135 countries and territories (and receive packages from 185 countries or territories);
• Door to door service with in-house clearance as part of the total cost;
• UPS will make up to 3 delivery attempts
UPS Worldwide Express UPS Worldwide Express is a package delivery service that guarantees your package will be delivered within 1-3 business days (as early as 10:30AM) or you get your money back. Other features of this service includes:
• 1 business day delivery to Canada, 2 day delivery to Europe and Latin America, and 3 day delivery to Asia;
• Can send packages to over 135 countries and territories (and receive packages from 185 countries or territories);
• In-house customs clearance is part of the service;
• On call pick-up of your package;
• Saturday deliveries;
• UPS will make up to 3 attempts to deliver your package
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