USPS Shipping Services

Service Name Service Description
USPS First-Class Mail USPS First-Class Mail is an economical way to send standard sized mail weighing 3.5 ounces and less, larger envelops and small packages weighing 13 ounces or less.  Features of this service includes:
• USPS offers the best price on delivery services for envelops and packages weighing 13 ounces or less;
• Can combine with extra services to confirm delivery
• Any unusual shaped envelops, rigid packages and some other envelops will require an added charge since they will have to be hand sorted;
• Any envelops exceeding the USPS maximum dimensions, are rigid or non-rectangular shaped will be charged the fee for parcels regardless of weight
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USPS Priority Mail USPS Priority Mail, including flat rate shipping products, is an affordable and fast service from USPS. The length of delivery time will depend on where on the package is sent from and where it is going to. Other features of this service includes:
• Maximum weight of packages must be 70 pounds or less;
• Packages can be delivered to a P.O. Box, mail box, or mail slot;
• USPS offers to pick up the package at your home or business for free of charge;
• Cost of service includes $50.00 worth of insurance (there are some restrictions, so know what those restrictions are);
• No surcharges for fuel or residential, rural, and regular Saturday delivery
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USPS Priority Mail Express USPS Priority Mail Express is best suited for packages you need to arrive fast. This type of shipping is often used for contracts and other important documents, but is not limited to just documents. Features of this service include:
• Insurance up to $100.00;
• Free package pick-up from your home or place of business;
• If requested proof of delivery by signature will be obtained;
• For an extra fee USPS will deliver on Sundays and Holiday in some major markets
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USPS Media Mail USPS offers discount rates for educational mail in the form of any type of media including:
• Books (containing 8 pages or more);
• Loose leaf medical information for anyone in the medical field or studying to become a doctor;
• Video tapes;
• CDs and DVDs;
• Printed music;
• Manuscripts;
• Play scripts;
• Test materials and any accessories necessary for the test;
• Educational charts and maps;
• No advertisements accepted;
• No comic books;
• All materials subject to inspection by the USPS
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USPS First-Class Mail International USPS First-Class Mail International is the overseas version of USPS First-Class Mail for domestic envelops and flat packages. Although economical USPS First-Class Mail International is not the fastest way to send mail to different countries and delivery times will vary by the final destination, it is considered the cheapest way to send post cards, letters and flat packages to 190 different countries.
• Eligible for flats up to 15.994 oz;
• Global forever stamps are available for envelops that meet the criteria
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USPS First-Class Package International If you are looking to send a small package weighing 4 pounds or and valued at $400 or less internationally, USPS First-Class Package International is an economical way to do so:
• Some countries have certain restrictions, check these restriction before you send you package to it's destination;
• Package length, height, and width cannot exceed 36 inches. Tubes must be no longer than 42 inches.
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USPS Priority Mail International USPS Priority Mail International delivers mail to 190 countries and provides customers with free shipping supplies should they want them:
• Customers may qualify for free pick-up at their home or business;
• Maximum weight of packages carried by USPS Priority Mail International is 70 pounds;
• USPS tracking is included as part of the services;
• $100 insurance included for non-negotiable documents and $200 for merchandise that is lost or stolen
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USPS Priority Mail Express International USPS Priority Mail Express International provides faster service than USPS Priority Mail International, cutting the time it takes to deliver a package in half to some locations. Other features of this service include:
• Free shipping supplies are available;
• USPS will pick up your package right from your home or your business location;
• USPS tracking comes as part of the service;
• Service includes $100 insurance for reconstruction of non-negotiable documents that are lost or damaged and $200 insurance to cover any lost, damaged merchandise or any packages with missing contents
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