InstantShip FAQs
1. Where can I find my previously purchased shipping labels?
Go to Labels > Purchased Labels. You can pre-print your previously ordered shipping labels by clicking on the Print button.
2. Where can I see my current account balance?
Go to Billing > Account Balance. For a better user experience, we suggest that you have enough funds in your account before ordering any new shipping labels.
3. How can I become an InstantShip Affiliate?
Go to Support > Affiliates. There is no need to fill out any application to become an InstantShip Affiliate. After receiving your unique referral link, you are ready to share InstantShip with the world.
4. How can I edit my payment details?
Go to Billing > Payment Details. InstantShip currently only supports Credit/Debit Cards. More payment options will be added in future releases.
5. How can I edit my account details?
First, click on the user icon and then choose Edit Account Details.
6. How can I receive SMS notifications?
First, see FAQ #5. Then find Additional Information where you can choose to opt in SMS notifications. Currently this feature is in beta testing and might not work for all the users.
7. Why did I see the "The address you entered could not be validated" error message?
In general, this error means the address you entered was not recognized by UPS or USPS, depending on the service you've chosen. We suggest that you open a ticket and our customer support will be more than happy to assist you.
8. Why did I see the "Your payment is still in a pending status caused by your credit/debit card issuer" error message?
This likely means your payment has not been received from your credit/debit card issuer, but you are not charged until the payment is released by your credit/debit card issuer. For a better user experience and a smoother transaction, make sure you choose to use the credit/debit card issued by a financial institution that processes payments in real time. We suggest that you open a ticket if you want the customer support to manually confirm your payment.
9. Why did I see the "Your package has exceeded the max length, girth or weight our service allows" error message?
Both UPS and USPS have their own limits on max length, girth and weight. Please visit official UPS and USPS websites for most updated limits.
10. What is the size of the shipping label?
It is 4 in x 6 in, which is fully compatible with both thermal transfer and direct thermal lable printers like DYMO, Rollo and Brother. You can also choose to print it out from any home printers.
4x6 Shipping Label Size
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