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Are you confused with UPS's dimentional weight? Are you scrubbing your head, trying to figure out USPS's shipping zones? Are you spending hours just to find the shipping service that fits your budget? If so, InstantShip's free shipping calculator has got you covered!

Get Live-Time UPS Shipping Rates with InstantShip's Free UPS Shipping Calculator

Do you ever find it tough to get affordable shipping rates through your nearby UPS stores? Then it's time to use InstantShip's UPS Shipping Calculator. We take the stress out of shipping costs, helping you get brilliant UPS Ground®, UPS SurePost® and UPS Next Day Air® shipping rates for every order! UPS shipping is the oldest shipping service around. This shipping company has become well known for its security, speed and accuracy. When it comes to speedy delivery of packages, it's hard to beat UPS with its same day and next day delivery services. Shipping packages through this company is simple and convenient since with the UPS On-Call Pickup® you can have UPS pick up your packages right from your home or office. In addition, they offer the cheapest rates for any package weighing over two pounds, not to mention their cutting-edge tracking system that updates you on your shipment's status all along its journey.

When it comes to shipping packages through UPS, InstantShip offers execlusive UPS shipping discounts. Make sure to check out our free UPS shipping rate calculator and save up to 85% on UPS Shipping Rates. If looking at sending a 2 lbs package, at 5''x5''x5'' in size, from Chicago, Illinois to Dallas, Texas, you'll be able to get a UPS Ground shipping quote of $12.71, which saves you $4.08 on a single package alone. Not impressed? Let's look at sending a 2 lbs package, at 5''x5''x5'' in size, from Nashville, Tennessee to Miami, Florida, you'll be able to get a UPS Next Day Air shipping quote of $32.96, which saves you another $51.80!

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UPS Shipping Calculator

Get Accurate USPS Shipping Rates with InstantShip's Free USPS Shipping Calculator

Are you feeling lost and confused when you try to figure out the most cost effective shipping option at your local post office? With InstantShip's USPS Shipping Calculator, you can spend less on everything from USPS First-Class® to USPS Primary Mail Express® rates. If your item can be shipped in small packages and are lightweight, then USPS shipping is hard to beat since they offer the cheapest rates on small lightweight packages (13 oz to 2 lbs). If your products are small and weight under two pounds, the USPS rates are lower than either FedEx or UPS, saving you money on every package you send. To make shipping small packages with USPS even cheaper, you can take advantage of the free USPS shipping supplies. And to make things even more convenient, USPS is the only shipping company that can deliver packages to customers mailbox instead of having to leave them at the door.

When it comes to shipping packages through USPS, InstantShip offers execlusive USPS shipping discounts. Make sure to check out our free USPS shipping rate calculator and save up to 45% on USPS Shipping Rates. If looking at sending a 15 oz package, at 5''x5''x5'' in size, from Phoenix, Arizona to Kansas City, Missouri, you'll be able to find a USPS First-Mail shipping quote of $7.08, which keeps $2.26 in your pocket. Still not impressed? Let's look at sending a 2 lbs package, at 5''x5''x5'' in size, from Albuquerque, New Mexico to Charlotte, North Carolina, you'll be able to find a USPS Priority Mail Express shipping quote of $53.24, which saves you another $6.67!

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USPS Shipping Calculator

Make International Shipping a Formality with InstantShip Today

Your business has to be smart about how it meets its day-to-day shipping requirements. Now you can use our UPS shipping calculator and USPS shipping calculator to get UPS shipping estimates and USPS shipping estimates too! With InstantShip's cheapest International Shipping feature, you can be more ambitious and spend a lot less on USPS International Shipping Rates whilst getting back a whole lot more in return. We are the perfect choice for any business owner that feels a lack of value in shipping rates worldwide! Make sure to check out our ultimate Best Practices for Customs Clearance guide to achieve a worry free customs clearance process.

When shipping costs across continents are hitting your business hard, it’s time to make an adjustment with us. Start to use InstantShip's cheapest UPS International Shipping Rates and say goodbye to the cost of international shipping rates that really hurt your bottom end. Whether you're looking for USPS First-Class Package International®, USPS Priority Mail International® or UPS Worldwide Express®, we make sure you spend far less on shipping costs whilst getting far more value on every package you send!

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UPS International Shipping USPS International Shipping

Get the cheapest prepaid shipping label

UPS Ground Shipping Label
UPS Next Day Air Shipping Label

Nobody likes complicated tools with hundreds of features you'd never need...

Less is more! That's why here at InstantShip we developed a super easy-to-use shipping calculator that calculates UPS shipping and USPS shipping simultaneously.

We've all been there: shipping can be a dull and boring task. And you don't need to spend hours on learning a new shipping tool and going through a rather challenging learning curve . Give us 1 minute and let us show you how to calculate UPS shipping cost and USPS shipping cost with ease. You will be glad if you did!

Do you like transparent pricing? Us too!

And we believe all businesses should be upfront with their consumers about the true cost involved in their products or services.

With all that mind, it's no wonder that the trend of price transparency has proven its staying power in today's shipping industry. Have a look at all the shipping services we offer and choose the best shipping option that deliveries your next shipment from place A to place B without costing you an arm and leg!

Shipping Service Shipping Rate Shipping Discount Delivery Time
UPS Ground Starting from $7.85 Up to 40% 4-9 business days
UPS SurePost Starting from $7.85 Up to 35% 4-9 business days
UPS 3 Day Select Starting from $7.85 Up to 50% The 3rd business day by end of the day
UPS 2nd Day Air Starting from $7.85 Up to 60% The 2nd business day by noon
UPS Next Day Air Saver Starting from $7.85 Up to 65% Next business day by end of the day
UPS Next Day Air Starting from $7.85 Up to 70% Next business day by noon
UPS Ground with Freight Pricing Starting from $7.85 Up to 85% 3-5 business days
USPS First-Class Mail Starting from $3.66 Up to 25% 3-8 business days
USPS Priority Mail Starting from $7.35 Up to 30% 3-5 business days
USPS Priority Mail Express Starting from $25.60 Up to 35% 1-3 business days

It's not rocket science! Try our free shipping calculator!

With InstantShip's free shipping calculator, calculating UPS shipping and USPS shipping is as easy as one-two-three.

First, enter the from/origin and to/destination zip codes (and no exact street addresses are needed). Then, enter the weight and sizes of your package. Finally, pass the reCaptcha and click on the Calculate button. That's it! Now you get postage prices for all available UPS and USPS shipping services and it's time to find the cheapest way to ship!

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Shipping shouldn't feel like a chore...

And better shipping rates shouldn't be a privilege for big companies.

Are you trading your used laptop on eBay after upgrading to a new one? Are you listing a beautiful hand knit sweater on Etsy for extra money? Are you seeing significant increase in sales of the trending items you sell on Amazon? Congrats! The next question is "are you spending a lot on the shipping?"

InstantShip Is Helping to Change the Shipping Industry

If the average person takes the time to make comparisons for the best phone plan between AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon, then shouldn't you compare the shipping rates between UPS, USPS, FedEX and DHL to get the best deal?

Here at InstantShip we already offer UPS shipping calculator and USPS shipping calculator that compare shipping costs between UPS and USPS and we are diligently working on integrating DHL and FedEX into our shipping rates calculator so that our customers like you can get the most comprehensive shipping estimates from all four carriers in one place, making it easy for your to compare prices and find the best deal before you ship that package .

We believe that the shipping industry needs to change and that all carriers should compete to "win" the opportunity to ship your packages and do business with you, and we are dedicated to help initiate such change for the benefit of our customers.

Do you find yourself frustrated with having to open multiple accounts with various carriers trying to get those discounts on your shipping costs only to discover as an individual business and shipper it's difficult to get even the smallest discounts?

With carriers raising their shipping rates every year, it is essential for you to make the most of any shipping discounts that you can find. Here at InstantShip we understand how important it is to you and your business to be able to ship your products for an affordable price that enables you to make a profit and keeps your business humming along smoothly. And we do everything possible to help you and your business get the shipping option your deserve for a price that is affordable.

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Compare UPS, USPS, Fedex and DHL Shipping Rates

Remove the Full Price Tag from Your Next Prepaid Shipping Label

Shipping products to your customers can indeed become expensive significantly cutting into your profit margin for your business. If you have ever tried to ship a lot of packages or large packages, you have probably already discovered that both USPS shipping and UPS shipping can soon become overwhelming, which is why we researched 10 Websites for Prepaid Shipping Label to help you save on shipping expenses and make more of a profit for your business. While it takes a little bit of time and effort to research the various websites to determine which site will save you the most money on your shipping cost in the long run, the time and effort will be well rewarding to us if we see how much you can save on those shipping costs in a month, a few months or a year. We genuinely want you to find the best shipping option for you before you attach any shipping label to your package and we hope our shipping guide will help you to achieve that goal.

In addition to saving money through one of the shipping websites, did you know that you can also save money and time by printing your own prepaid shipping label at home? That's right if you have a computer and a home printer, then you can print your own prepaid shipping label USPS and shipping label UPS and pay for them right upfront, instead of having to get them from your local post office or nearby UPS store, where they normally charge you with full/retail prices. You can even pay for return shipping label and send it to customers to make returning items more convenient for them!

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10 Websites for Prepaid Shipping Label (Cheaper than Officials)

Take Your Product Return Policies to the Next Level

If you own and run an ecommerce business, then you know that product returns are part of doing business. However, you also know that these returned items along with return shipping cost can severely cut into your profits and affect your bottom dollar. While some ecommerce stores try to overcome some of these costs by making product returns difficult and costly for customers , this often results in a loss of return business and a drop in their overall sales. This solution sometimes may actually be worse than the initial problem.

The fact is, that the majority of people shopping online will read your product return policy before they purchase from your online store. If your return policy seems to be too complicated or if you don't offer free return shipping, then those potential customers are likely to go elsewhere or never buy from your store again. On the other hand customers who find returning products to your store to be easy and free are likely to be repeat customers (and repeat customers are less likely to return future products once they become familiar with your products and know what to expect)!

The good news is, there is a way to give your customers the option to purchase a return shipping insurance of their own will with their orders. You can accomplish this by taking advantage of InstantShip's InsureReturn return shipping insurance. Our insurance covers the cost of product returns and provides customers with a prepaid return shipping label absolutely free. InsureReturn can be seamlessly integrated to your Shopify store with no cost at all. Your customers who have an easy time returning items that were not exactly what they wanted will be happy to do business with you again, resulting in more satisfied customers and more profit overall.

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InsureReturn Return Shipping Insurance

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