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That Save You up to 85% on UPS and USPS Shipments

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First, Is It Still Possible to Cut Down My Shipping Costs?

The short answer is YES. When it comes to running any kind of business that needs you to do a lot of shipping, the price can soon add up. Shipping costs soon become quite the business expense – and not something that you can realistically escape paying. When you find yourself in that particular position, you might want to start cutting down on your shipping labels USPS and shipping labels UPS. How, though, can you do that? Easy: you could use one of the 10 best websites for cheaper prepaid shipping label listed here.

Each of these websites are aimed at making sure you can spend less on your shipping labels than you would on normal retail prices. These companies are great for various people: some are made for e-commerce platforms; others are made for general purpose shipping needs. They tend to give you plenty of shippig options, too, and means that you can often spend a less amount of time searching for cheaper shipping labels without much stress.

Shipping Services: What Shipping Services Should I Choose?

Most of the time, your shipping is going to come down to using one of the following services:

USPS. The United States Postal Service is a solid general-purpose starting point, but definitely lacks in flexibility. Like many state-operated models, there're significant gaps in the ability of USPS to keep up with modern demand. Therefore, it can feel quite rigid with regards to its shipping opportunities. That being said, it is being worked upon and they have shown significant improvement over the past few years.

UPS. The next option that we recommend you look at is UPS. Alhtough they have a rather confusing pricing system, it definitely feels more modern and flexible. Complexity can be an issue, but it can become a bit easier to take control of once you get the hang of its system. It's got a tiered pricing structure that can range from affordably to hugely expensive.

These are the two most common services that you will work with when you need to handle any form of domestic or international shipping.

Shipping Charges: How Is Shipping Calculated?

Most of the time, you will be charged based upon Flat Rates or Dimensional Weight (DIM).

Flat Rates. Flat Rates are naturally a set fee that you are charged with no other qualifying needed, with a fixed rate and with a cap on minimum and maximum weight/dimension levels depending on what kind of shipment you are sending.

DIM. DIM has become particularly popular with shipping companies today, primarily as it helps them to make more profit . A large, lightweight parcel is charged as much as a smaller but heavier package. Why ? Because DIM is based upon three things: height, width and length. If the DIM of your package is greater than the actual weight of it, these three factors are calculated and the shipping rate is based on a formula, not weight necessarily.

Dimentional Weight

Dimentional Weight Formula

So, a typical DIM price calculation would be L x W x H / 139. The 139 is the dividor presently used by companies like UPS, FedEx and DHL, and has been changed for the past few years. In January 2017, FedEx and UPS changed their dimensional weight rules. FedEx changed dimensional weight divisor from 166 to 139 for domestic shipments. For packages that are over one cubic foot in size, UPS will also have a dimensional weight divisor of 139. If the package is less than one cubic foot, UPS will use 166 as the divisor. This, naturally, could see the "weight" of your package calculated as much higher than it actually is.

Shipping Labels: How Can I Get Cheaper Shipping Labels?

Essentially, there are two options to achieve this: Hybrid Services and Consolidators.

Hybrid Services. Hybrid services are a UPS/FedEx and USPS collaboration that is for residential delivery. It can save you a fair amount of money, sometimes as much as 50%, compared to the standard rates. It does, though, extend delivery time a fair amount but it can also be delivered on a Saturday without extra charges. UPS SurePost and FedEx SmartPost are two fine examples of a hybrid service.

Working alongside UPS, FedEx and other commerical carriers, USPS participates within the last mile of delivery, and then shares the revenue of the postal shipment with them. It's a very profitable enterprise for those involved. It's beneficial for the hybrids as USPS handles things like Saturday delivery, saving the recipient some money, and it also allows for delivery direct to your P.O. box, which can't happen with UPS or FedEx. So, it's a pretty happy medium.

UPS SurePost vs FedEx SmartPost

UPS SurePost vs FedEx SmartPost

Don't count your chickens before they hatch ! A hybrid service like UPS SurePostand or FedEx SmartPost is only available if you have a business cotract with UPS or FedEx. SurePost and SmartPost are only available to those businesses that ship at least 50 packages per week. In addition, there are specific requiremetns on weights and DIM of the packages you can ship.

Consolidators, meanwhile, tend to be used for those who need a better deal on shipping labels from normal carriers. They tend to be quite discounted without having to handle large volumes of shipments to get a discount. It often means spending time looking at various consolidators to work out who might be the service you want to use to save on USPS shipping labels and UPS shipping labels. Otherwise known as a shipping broker, these companies utilize the power of consolidated shipping to make sure you can benefit from far more affordable group rates.

When it comes to cheaper prepaid shipping labels, it is all about shipping volumes . If your online business is a startup or you only ship few packages per week, your best option is choose a shipping consolidator/broker and take advantage of the group discount on shipping. The 10 best websites for cheaper prepaid shipping lable listed here are essentially shipping consolidators/brokers. Finding the best website for yourself is tough work : to help you out, we have broken down some useful information below. This will help you to determine what website you can use and who might be suited to your particular needs with regards to USPS prepaid shipping labels and UPS prepaid shipping labels. So without further ado, let's get it started .

10 Websites for Prepaid Shipping Label UPS and Shipping Label USPS

10 Websites for Prepaid Shipping Label UPS and Shipping Label USPS

1. Shippo

Shippo, with its funny name and friendly layout, immediately speaks to the customer in a positive sense ever since it first appeared in 2013. It has become a popular choice with many shippers, but especially those who are into running their own e-commerce business. If you are in this line of work and you want a bit of help running the logistical side of things, Shippo might be worth your time and consideration.

Shippo Homepage

Shippo Homepage

One thing that is really good about Shippo is that it can easily connect up with most forms of e-commerce platforms. From Shopify and WooCommerce to BigCommerce and Squarespace, this makes managing shopping systems and payments a much easier experience than it is with some of their competition. With customized branding of your shipments and e-mails, as well as tracking packages, they have done an excellent job of building up a strong brand.

Their partner network is huge, too, taking in over 50 of the biggest names in international shipping, transport and fulfillment, including USPS, UPS, DHL Express, FedEx, FLEXE, ShipBob, Wizmo and SnapShip to name but a few. It is even great for marketplace sellers on places like Etsy, eBay, and Amazon.

On top of that, Shippo does a fine job of offering you some great knowledge and training through their knowledge base. Need more support? Then reach out to their friendly and informative customer support network. They make it easy for you to get support on any product or service: customer support is excellent.

One thing we do have issues with when it comes to Shippo, though, is the complexity of the billing process. For example, some users in the past have had some issues with getting refunds on prepaid shipping labels which were cancelled. You usually do get your money back, though, it is just a bit of a waiting game as you wait for the (helpful) support to respond.

In terms of pricing, it is quite affordable. There's some exceptionally good pricing offered when it comes to your prepaid shipping labels UPS and prepaid shipping labels USPS. If you think you will ship under 200 orders a month, though, their affordable Pay As You Go option means you pay around $0.05 for every order. So, you would pay around $10/month plus postage costs. They also offer various professional pricing plans, ranging from $10/month for 1-75 orders per month to $125+/month custom plans for those above 5,000 orders per month.

Shippo Pricing

Shippo Pricing

You can also get some nifty tracking and address verification systems for as much as $0.10 per shipment. One thing about Shippo is that it does have good flexibility in the kind of payment plans that you can use. Therefore, you can often find that there's a good chance to find a price point that's affordable thanks to better shipping consolidation. However, while other websites might be more open-minded with discounts and other more affordable shipping label options, it appears that – outside of the pricing plans on offer – Shippo isn't really too open to discounted UPS shipping label and USPS shipping label and the like other websites can be though, so that is something to keep in mind.

2. ShipStation

Next on our list in terms of recommendations is ShipStation. For many small to medium business owners, this is a fantastic option for improving your shipping capabilities. This web-based shipping software solution easily works with major platforms such as Shopify, WooComerrce, Amazon, eBay, Etsay and Jet.com. So, if you use any of these platforms, and a few others – including Walmart – then you can easily benefit from working with ShipStation.

ShipStation Homepage

ShipStation Homepage

One thing to note is that it can tie in everything from your e-mail marketing to your actual mail carrying into one system. It's got a pretty nice, simple layout that should be user-friendly even for beginners. Users are given a handy tutorial when they first enter, which should make it even easier to work out anything you feel confused about. Their support are very useful and can often help you find out more about any orders that need attention, or ensure you can solve any disputes or issues in a short space of time.

A major feature of ShipStation is the automation feature that gives you. This allows for simple fulfilment of your orders, meaning that you can save time and money on handling shipping. By using automated rules that you put in place, you can let everything run itself. However, the rules can be a little confusing and, at first, it might be wise to expect some teething pains . You can, though, set so many rules and automated settings for everything from international shipping to the service you wish to engage for any particular kind of package.

Integration with major carriers and fulfillment providers such as USPS, FedEx, UPS, Royal Mail, Canada Post, DHL, Hermes, ShipBob, IFS360, ShipCalm and NorAm Partners, it can really open up your shipping options. With easy importing of your data from major carriers like the ones we mentioned before, creating prepaid shipping labels for all of your items becomes really straightforward, making automation a far less daunting prospect than it might first appear.

With regards to pricing, you can make use of a six-tier pricing package, ranging from $9/month to $159/month. The starter package nets you up to 50 shipments per month across all selling channels, and access for up to one user. You'll also get e-mail, community and forum support. If you pick the advanced package, at $99/month, you can handle 6,000 shipments, and benefit from customized packing slips, branded labeling, up to ten users and Live Chat support. There will likely be an option for you to pick from. Given the suitability and size of the business, this could be a shipping broker suitable for small-scale work-at-home sellersor major businesses seeking expansion. Like Shippo, ShipStation isn't really too open to discounted UPS shipping label and USPS shipping label either: they both focus more on the integration and automation with platforms, carriers and fulfillment providers.

3. ShippingEasy

When you want to find a shipping broker you can trust, a name as self-explanatory as ShippingEasy can be quite enticing. It was formed in 2011, and has built up a steady flow of loyal users ever since. They make shipping easy, just as their name so confidently implies. With a cancel at any time 30-day free trial, too, there's a lot to like about the opening offer. When you see they work alongside major e-commerce platforms including Amazon, Shopify, eBay, Magento and Etsy, too, it's easy to feel excited about the opportunity. They make shipping nice and simple, and they tend to make sure that you can easily use the data that you build up from all of those shipments being sent out and use it to your advantage.

ShippingEasy Homepage

ShippingEasy Homepage

Users can benefit from a slick user interface and a very impressive connection with many periphal features such as inventory management, product management, order management, bar code scanning and reporting. Their brand development tools are also awesome. For example, you get a lot of cool templates that can make sure you can create everything from welcome e-mail templates (to go with their integrated e-mail campaign system) and also run everything from newsletters to sales pitches all from the one place. This goes above and beyond what most entrepreneurs expect from a shipping broker.

Another benefit that users enjoy with ShippingEasy is their exclusive discounted rates on USPS shipping labels. You will receive USPS discounted rates on all USPS services and all get a totally free Endicia account. That could see you make some nice savings, too, reducing your average shipment costs by a considerable margin. Partnered with Endicia, ShippingEasy makes sure that your USPS shipping is more seamless, more affordable and, crucially, more reliable.

The one challenge that we would bring to your attention when it comes to ShippingEasy is the rather challenging learning curve . It can be tough to get to know, though it might appear easy enough at first. Once you get the hang of its excellent automation and integration systems, though, you'll benefit from all that ShippingEasy has to offer. Although they offer great savings, with low rates for USPS prepaid shipping labels meaning you could make some pretty big savings, their system is designed for merchants with fairly larger inventories.

Speaking of plans, they have plans for just about everyone. The Starter plan costs you $0/month to get your foot in the door, but gives you access to up to 50 shipments in a month. It offers access to their knowledge base support structure but opens no doors with regards to training. Step up to the $29/month Basic package, though, and you get up to 500 shipments per month, exclusive set-up assistance and training, and Live Chat (as well as e-mail and phone) support. Pricing goes all the way to the $99/month Premium option (6,000 shipments per month) and even beyond that to $149/month Enterprise options, which offer no limits to shipping. Pricing is flexible and diverse, and with some nice discounts already handed out, there is a good reason why ShippingEasy is a major player in the industry.

4. PirateShip

The first thing to note about PirateShip, then, is that it is 100% free to use. That might sound off, but it is. By being an official partner of USPS, they make it pretty easy for you to use their service with no added extra monthly fees or subscription costs. The fact they don't charge a mark-up or have a monthly fee is very impressive in the modern era. In many ways, it helps to set PirateShip apart – in a positive manner. They also get a pretty positive response from their users on platforms such as Shopify.

PirateShip Homepage

PirateShip Homepage

They first formed in 2014, and since then have gone from strength to strength. They provide access to many USPS shipping services including USPS First-Class Mail, USPS Priority Cubic, USPS Priority Mail, USPS Weight-based Priority Mail, USPS Priority Mail Regional, USPS Parcel Select Ground and USPS Media Mail. They also provide you with tracking of your shipments, and easy parcel shipping. As such, they make a pretty good all-round choice for a lot of people needing prepaid shipping labels USPS.

One thing to note about PirateShip is that they don't provide you with discount don't provide UPS prepaid shipping labels . So if that is key to your decision then keep that in mind moving forward as some of you really desire that in a shipping broker. Also, despite the name, the means in which PirateShip runs is incredibly ethical . You can read more about how the company profits here. If you want to use a shipping provider with a pretty strong means of supporting itself, look no further. There's no middle-man extra being thrown on top, which a lot of people can naturally sympathize with.

Integration with major marketplaces, such as Shopify, are commonplace a well. This makes it easy for you to import directly from your e-commerce tools right into PirateShip, making USPS shipping label printing so much simpler. The user interface is nice and slick, though it does have a bit of a learning curve to it. You might make some mistakes when you first start using the site as it can be a bit confusing.

Since importing data from solutions such as Shopify can be so simple, if you've made mistakes elsewhere then it could mean wasting labels before you notice the mistakes in a previous insert. Once you get used to the interface, though, it's very useful, and helps you out by showing good levels of detail for every order requiring attention. Therefore, keeping up-to-date with everything is very easy compared to some alternative systems. If you do run into any problems, customer support has been known to be pretty helpful. They use a Live Chat interface, and make it nice and easy for you to get help in a timely manner.

5. VIPparcel

Next on the list of places to look up and check out would be the impressive VIPparcel. Founded in 2014, this is a business that has gathered a fair amount of positive response in the last few years. It's become a go-to place for a lot of small business owners who need USPS shipping labels, but a lot of wholesalers and retailers are getting a lot of value out of the system, as well. It's quite a general purpose platform, and has built up a pretty steady reputation over the years.

VIPparcel Homepage

VIPparcel Homepage

The first thing that a lot of people note about VIPparcel is the fact it is free to use. Therefore, it offers a fine starting place for those who care about value. If your business is short on money to invest in software, VIPparcel might be a good starting place. Online training of their platform is excellent, too, with some great in-house documentation provided as well as webinars and live online support. For that alone, we'd say that VIPparcel makes a good starting point.

It's got a nice variety of features, too, and is good for things like warehouse management and supplier management. However, as noted by some users on Capterra, there can be a needless slow-down in the creation of USPS international shipments. This can feel quite irritating for those who do a lot of non-domestic shipping. However, creating shipping labels USPS for both domestic and international shipments is very easy – it's got a simple wizard system that allows you to more or less follow the boxes in a row and feel comfortable using it.

There's a lot of positive user feedback from a variety of platforms and industries; that instantly builds a lot of credibility. Interestingly, as well, you can read some pretty honest user feedback on their reviews page. Unlike a lot of businesses, they show both the good and the bad reviews – pretty rare in this industry !

So, the service is easy to use, support is simple, and shipping is easy to set-up. The downside, though, comes from the free side of things. Yes, you don't pay a monthly membership fee like a lot of the other vendors out there. However, like PirateShip, VIPparcel only support USPS prepaid shipping label printing. We recommend that you keep that in mind, as a lot of people are drawn in by the free side of things.

However, a lot of people use VIPparcel and get a lot of value out of it. Unless you are going to be doing a massive amount of shipping, you should be able to make some decent savings on domestic and international shipping. For those running small businesses without massive shipping demand, VIPparcel is worthwhile.

6. Orange Manager

When searching for traditional shipping brokers with years of experience, though, one place you should look at is Orange Manager. According to their official homepage, they offer a multi-channel software that can easily integrate with Amazon, eBay, Shopify and various other major platforms and marketplaces. Part of this software that draws a lot of people in, though, is the fact that it offers many useful business tools, offering an all-in-one solution for doing everything from printing shipping labels to managing orders and even reviewing your tax reports .

Orange Manager Homepage

Orange Manager Homepage

Pricing is pretty fair, too. For those doing less than 600 orders per month, they offer a $20/month package that has a decent value. It waives per label fee for USPS shipping labels and allows easier selections of postage providers, shipping from multiple locations, and various other nice little bonuses. They also offer larger packages for anyone up to 3,400+ orders per month, which is around $120/month. These offer some very good discounted USPS shippping labels, which could help you save a fair chunk on USPS Priority Mail over the year.

One benefit we must mention is how well they do at order tracking, thanks to their Orange Tracking feature. When an order is shipped, Orange Manager does a good job of sending out notifications to ensure that the customers are informed. With this built-in tracking notifcation system, all parties can find it easier to stay on top of their needs. This is a major part of the reason why fulfilment centers tend to love it particularly: you can fulfill orders from multiple locations, making order tracking that bit easier and keeping your customers up to date on when their orders ship.

If we had one complaint to make about Orange Manager? It's the challenge in getting everything applied and integrated due to the fact that many of their features are not built-in, meaning that they are actually through other third parties. There are plenty of independent reviews that point to this problem. We noticed it ourselves, too, that there is a distinctive letdown when it comes to the integration side of things. Though they do offer their own native Orange Mailer feature that lets you print USPS shipping labels with discounts, they highly rely on other third party shipping brokers like Shippo and third party shipping API providers like Easypost and Postmen, espeically when it comes to printing prepaid shipping labels from commerical carriers like UPS and FedEx, not mention there are 1-5 cents of per label fee you will have to pay too.

If they can improve on modernizing the confusing integration, it would go a long way to making Orange Manager even more suitable for old-school e-commerce owners of small-to-medium sized businesses. If you want to find a traditional shipping software that does a pretty decent job of giving you a nice variety of business features, then Orange Manager is an excellent consideration.

7. StorePep

Another choice for many e-commerce business owners that use WooCommerce and Magento is StorePep. By using their service, you can connect your own Stamps.com, Canada Post, Australia Post and Delhivery carrier accounts and integrate them with your e-commerce site. The first thing we noticed with StorePep when logging in was the simple and effective Wordpress-like user interface. Other websites can feel quite confusing, but if you are used to using WooCommerc and Mangento, this will be very easy to control.

StorePep Homepage

StorePep Homepage

Another thing that we immediately liked about StorePep, though, was the availability of their 14-day free trial. This trial goes a long way to making sure that you can get what you're looking for before you commit to any paid monthly plans. Essentially, you use their API to connect your store with your own carrier accounts listed above. With real-time shipping rates and a pretty comprehensive live tracking system, you can make sure that you can give your customers genuine shipping rates and tracking updates, not just platitudes. However, keep in mind that how much discount you get when you print a prepaid shipping label depends on the shipping rates your own carrier account is eligible for.

With very affordable plans, ranging from $9/month (600 orders) to $99/month (unlimited orders), there is a good variety in their 4-tier pricing pakckage. It would be good, though, to take a look at each plan, as all of them offer unlimited rates API and unlimited tracking updates. What really made StorePep stand out from their competitors is that it supports Dokan. If you use Dokan to run a multivendor platform, you can let the vendors share your carrier accounts to print prepaid shipping labels and provide their customers real-time shipping rates and live tracking updates!

While we did find that the interface is very easy to use, we would have to say that customer support could be improved and this could be due to the time zones in difference as their team is based in India . While we eventually got an answer, we found by looking around various stores that delayed response times were not unique to us. It was a bit frustrating, as our first problem was the site URL was not being accepted. However, once we did get some response, the quality of the response was fine: eloquent, friendly and capable. Faster response times would go a long way to make sure it could be much easier recommended in future.

If their support team can be more responsive, we would say it's a great solution for multivendor platform owners. The easy pricing tiers, tracking details export and courier pickup booking are always their highlight features. The fact it blends so well with so many different carrier accounts is just another reason to take a look. With nice features for automation such as Bulk Label Printing, Automated Dispatch and Live Shipping Rates, though, it does make a fine choice to add to your multivendor platform.

8. Parcel Monkey

When looking around at various shipping brokers you could try out for cheaper international shipping, Parcel Monkey will likely come up. Adorable name aside, this is a webiste that a lot of users have started to turn to various reasons. With international shipping to 200+ destinations, this UK-based shipping broker aims to make life easier for online store owners who are looking for cheap international shipping labels. They work with the likes of DHL, Australia Post, Chronopost (France), Colissimo (France), DPD (Germany), EMS, Parcelforce Worldwide (UK) and TrakPak to provide a nice variety of shipping options.

Parcel Monkey Homepage

Parcel Monkey Homepage

One thing we'd like to point out is that Parcel Monkey works close with FedEx and provide discounted FedEx international shipping labels for pick-up and drop-off services. For instance, their price starts from $36.41 for a 1-lbs package shipped from New York City and dropped off at London and $46.90 for a 1-lbs package picked up from New York City and shipped to London. If you're a frequent international shipper preferring FedEx to grow your business overseas, Parcel Monkey offers a great deal on prepaid FedEx international shipping labels.

However, we do have to point to the fact that Parcel Monkey has had some teething pains, particularly in the United Kingdom. Many users pointed to poor response times and a lack of urgency in dealing with issues, including problems with customs and shipping. However, many reviews are somewhat older and, it's safe to say, there's been a positive improvement in their user reviews over time. Still, we thought it important to note that communication issues have been noticed in the past. In our Parcel Monkey discussions, though, we found support to be responsive, helpful and caring. The company has also come out swinging for its reputation in the past, reminding customers that they do not directly deliver parcels in the first place. So, it's safe to say that Parcel Monkey has had an interesting journey until now.

It is, though, a good place to start for those who need help in finding the right international courier for over 200 international destinations. They make it easy for you to find affordable prices for pick-up and drop-off services in general, and it's easy to see how they could help you to save time and money on your international shipping. We would say, though, that for the average American ecommerce business owners, they might not be the best choice for getting cheaper US domestic shipping labels.

They seem more suited to specific individual deliveries and helping you cut down on your international shipping costs for singular packaging. While they do have integration with the likes of Amazon, eBay and Shopify, their solution is more about importing and exporting use csv files. While they do help you to compare prices with various couriers, shipping savings and price reductions in UPS shipping labels or USPS shipping labels are not really the stock and trade of Parcel Monkey.

If you want to use a useful comparison site that helps you find good options on international shipping, though, they make a very strong website to try out. It is by no means perfect, but it does offer a strong comparison service that should help you reduce your international shipping overheads. For US business owners, though, there are more business-centric options to consider when it comes US domestic shipping.

9. ShipWorks

Another website that we recommend you look closer at is ShipWorks. They offer an enterprise-level warehouse management software for high-volume shippers in the United States in particular. With easy integration with a lot of online marketplaces – Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Shopify, BigCommerce and Volusion included, with 90 supported in total – they also make it easy for you to manage your business. You can easily print shipping labels for the likes of FedEx, UPS, USPS, DHL, OnTrac and GlobalPost.

ShipWorks Homepage

ShipWorks Homepage

They make it super-simple to get started, too, with creation of labels and selection of carriers made possible within minutes of signing in. While connecting your eCommerce platform to the site can be a bit of a challenge at first, once you get used to it you'll be able to set it up in seconds. The interface, though, should be easy to work out even for those who are not particularly tech-savvy. Their official site claims to help you save as much as 16% for FedEx shipping labels, as much as 39% for USPS shipping labels (through their partnerships with Express1 and IntuiShip) and as much as 30% for select UPS shipping labels. They give you easy price comparisons of shipping rates, allowing you to easily get more affordable shipping costs. With simple control over package tracking, too, you can easily send on updates to your customers in a jiffy.

For those who need an enterprise-level software that can do everything from shipping management to order management and from store management to even invoice creation, this is a very worthwhile tool. Pricing is quite fair, too, ranging anything from the 'Basic' package at $499/month, to the 'Enterprise' package at $799/month. Their nice 30-day trial makes their software a worthwhile solution, too. The Basic package gives you up to 10,000 shipments/month and the Enterprise package gives you unlimited shippments. Did we mention that all packages come with unlimited phone, email and online chat support?!

They offer a robust feature set designed specifically for high-volume shippers such as Intelligent Order Routing, Barcode-Driven Shipping, Product Catalog, Pick/Pack Quality Assurance, Automated Rate Comparison and Fulfillment Insights. All of the features continue to stick around as you move up the ladder, but you also get better support and more shipments per month. For those who want to get something totally bespoke, though, we do have to say that their Enterprise package might be worth looking at. The majority of people seem happy to represent it in a positive sense, with most believing it offers great value for money.

We would have to concur that the easy to use variety of features combined with reliable customer support ensures that, for many large-sized ecommerces, ShipWorks makes a fine place to start. Indeed, while some negative reviews are out there, such as with Capterra, the overall standard of this warehouse management software would be hard to question. The lack of shipping discount is probably their biggest failing – we found that this was where you would probably be limited. If you are looking to do a lot of international shipping, ShipWorks might not be for you. With a primarily domestic business, though, you should be able to get a lot of value out of ShipWorks.

10. InstantShip

Out of all the shipping websites out there, though, one of the most beneficial to newbies is InstantShip. This has become a go-to website for many shippers, not least because it is so simple to use! When you look at the above websites, we have mentioned more than once that some of them can be needlessly confusing. InstantShip, though, strips back everything and makes it much easier for you, the user, to get the best value and the most out of your shipping experience.

InstantShip Homepage

InstantShip Homepage

Instead of building integrations, automation or the features you'll probably never need but have to pay for, InsantShip focuses one thing: how to get shipping label UPS and shipping label USPS faster and cheaper. Our modern shipping calculator is so easy to use and is completely free. Did we just forgot to mention that you do not even need an account to use InstantShip's shipping calculator that seamlessly combines UPS shipping calculator and USPS shipping calculator . If you do want to sign up an account (which you're always welcomed to do so ), we'll find a client area with a simple interface that allows for control over your billing, your management of your label creation and so much more. Want a sneak peek into the ease of creating prepaid shipping labels with our shipping calculator? Give us 60 seconds; we have made an easy-to-follow tutorial video for you. Go on, you know you're curious!

Usability is really one of the main benefits of using this particular website. InstantShip does a superb job of making sure you can spend a lot less time stressing out, and instead ensures getting shipments moving is a simple experience. Not only is the website supremely easy to use, though, it is also offering some good assistance with huge shipping discounts. You will be able to save up to 85% in USPS shipping rates and up to 45% in UPS shipping rates. For example, if looking at sending a 5 lbs package, at 10''x10''x10'' in size, from New York, New York to Los Angeles, California, you'll be able to find an affordable UPS Next Day Air cost of $56.93 while the local UPS store would quote $161.21. That's simply 65% cheaper !

Package UPS Service Our Price UPS Store Price
5 lbs (10''x10''x10'') UPS Next Day Air $56.93 $161.21

From New York, New York to Los Angeles, California

Affordable shipping costs, reliable shipping estimates, and simple shipping label printing: InstantShip has become a go-to website for shippers like you with good reasons. here at InstantShip, we're a pround small team and we build easy-to-use logistic solutions for individuals and small businesses : you don't need a UPS Business Account or USPS Commercial Plus Account; and if your business is a traditional offline business or you are an individual shipper who doesn't ship often but still wants cheaper UPS shipping label and USPS shipping label, you don't even need an ecommerce site to use InstantShip! We believe in creating as much freedom in the world as we can and we don't belive better shipping rates shouldn't be a privilege for big companies . When you are looking for a shipping site to try out that lives up to its name, InstantShip is a good place to start. It is simple enough to use, it's affordable and it does make it a whole lot simpler for you to avoid extensively high shipping costs.

Wait, there's more! As a group of tech savvy nerds, the idea of building something awesome always runs in our blood. That's why we've launched InsureReturn Return Shipping Insurace to help you increase sales and build a stronger customer base. It's a perfect solution for small business owners who want are stuggling with offering a free and easy product return service and the best part is, it's absolutely free too !

Why You Should Print Your Own Shipping Labels

If you are wondering why you should print your own shipping label, there are really three simple reasons. First, because printing your own labels is easy. With so many websites offering you simple ways to print your own prepaid shipping label and even return shipping label, it just makes sense to print out your shipping labels and have your packages ready to ship.

In addition, you can get some nice discounts by printing your own shipping labels, making them far cheaper than buying postage at the post office counter or from the UPS stores. For instance, you can save up to 85% on UPS shipping rates and up to 45% on USPS shipping rates. Saving money on shipping, will increase your businesses profitability .

As an added benefit you will no longer have to wait in line. You can simply drop your package off at the counter and explain that postage is prepaid or drop it off in one of the bins for those prepaid packages.

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Why You Should Print Your Own Shipping Labels

What Your Really Need to Print Shipping Labels at Home

You really don't need any expensive or extra equipment in order to print your own shipping labels. Forget about expensive shipping label printers, overpriced shipping label paper, hard-to-understand shipping label template or complicated shipping label maker, all you really need is a computer and a home printer to print out the labels and some clear duck tape to affix the label to the package. How to get the shipping estimates? Easy! Use InstantShip's UPS shipping calculator and USPS shipping calculator and see real-time shipping quotes instantly.

It is however, recommended that you purchase an inexpensive postage scale so you can enter the correct weight of any package you are shipping. This not only assures accuracy of your shipping label, but helps make delivery of packages more successful.

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What Your Really Need to Print Shipping Labels at Home

Why Use an Shipping Comparison Service Like InstantShip

Shipping broker websites like InstantShip do all the leg work for small businesses in finding the best shipping costs out there. In addition, these types of websites can offer to find better deals on prepaid shipping label UPS and shipping label USPS for both domestic and internationally shipping than you can find for yourself even if you spend weeks or months researching.

When you combine the savings on shipping costs with the ability to printing prepaid shipping labels with ease, and tracking shipments with live updates all at your fingertips in one place, you will find yourself saving not only money, but time and frustration. Quite simply InstantShip and other shipping comparison websites make shipping items simpler and easier for you and your business.

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Why Use an Shipping Comparison Service Like InstantShip

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