• Thursday, August 15, 2019

UPS introduced a service dubbed UPS My Choice for business that is now enabling small business to track both inbound and outbound delivers within an estimated period of 2 hours. The new service is designed for small businesses, and is effective in meeting the needs of small businesses in the market. Small business owners get the latest delivery alerts that allow them to track multiple packages statuses. With both an online and mobile platform, the UPS My Choice service allows businesses to plan for their shipments in a calendar view for smooth flow of goods.

Manage shipments like a pro with UPS My Choice for business

Source: UPS.com

The purpose of introducing UPS My Choice for business is to improve customers' business process for small businesses. The new service focuses on shipment, reception, and customer service. It provides a visibility tool that enables small businesses to monitor and plan for their shipment in a better manner. In so doing, such businesses can react to changes and control their deliveries.

What are the Features of UPS My Choice for Business?

Several features make up the UPS My Choice for businesses service. They include a web-based tracking dashboard that allows one to manage all inbound and outbound shipments and to tracks shipments by receiving day-before and day-of delivery notifications. The new service shows the estimated delivery hours for most of the US postal codes within two hours. It also allows one to add multiple users within his company and self-register online with a business address.

UPS My Choice is enabling small business to have better tracking of their incoming and outgoing shipments. Since small businesses are the backbone of the economy, UPS My Choice seeks to support their growth and in turn fuel for a stronger economy. Using this new service, UPS is being small- to mid-sized business to access important visibility information necessary for improving businesses processes. As a result, these businesses can operate more efficiently as they focus to grow their operations a more global platform.

Use of a Mobile Platform

UPS My Choice is a mobile-friendly service with a self-registration process for business owners. This means that customers can easily sign up for the service without the need for a UPS sales rep. Once registered, you can monitor your goods, plans for their shipping, and react to goods that are coming in or shipped out. The service also allows small business owners to increase visibility and control of their goods by giving access to others in their company. In so doing, the service provides business owners with easy-to-use tracking tools for their products on their mobile phones.

Access to UPS My Choice Using Mobile™ App

Source: UPS.com

More Efficiency in Inventory Control

With this new service, small businesses can reduce the amount of inventory held and their associated costs. The outbound dashboard indicated the exact location and status of all shipments while the inbound forecast allows businesses to keep less inventory at hand. With digitized inbound shipping forecasts, it also means that small businesses estimate their shipping costs beforehand and well ahead for their packages. The UPS shipping rates calculator provided by InstantShip is an important tool that works well with this new service. The calculator allows you to estimate and compare UPS shipping rates so that you can better budget your shipping costs.