• Saturday, August 10, 2019

UPS will start offering customers pickup and delivery services seven days per week from January 2020. According to PostalNews, UPS will use United States Postal Service (USPS) to help in expanding its capabilities. The move may have been prompted by a similar move by FedEx to deliver packages throughout the week. UPS will combine its Access Point locations, extensive network, and SurePost as part of the initiatives geared towards achieving this move. The company will also collaborate with the USPS to ensure the success of the program. The collaboration is expected to expand the relationship with the USPS, and test the viability of the new 7-day delivery model.

UPS Is Moving to 7-Day Delivery with the Help of USPS

Expanding Saturday Delivery Services

UPS will extend its Saturday pick-up and delivery services for both business and residential location to similar services of Sundays. The new seven-day delivery model will be a build-up of the company’s market-leading position. It will allow shippers to deliver products quickly to customers who order over the weekends. Apart from collaboration with USPS to achieve 7-day pickup and delivery, the company will also provide additional services:

1. UPS My Choice for Business

This new service allows small to mid-sized business to easily plan, monitor, and control its deliveries and outgoing shipments. Some of the notable features of UPS My Choice for Business include a web-based dashboard and a notification area. The notification area provides advanced notifications or alerts for estimated times of arrival on the day before and on the day of delivery.

UPS My Choice for business

Source: UPS.com

2. Worldwide Economy Service

The Worldwide Economy is a by service UPS designed to provide efficient and affordable international shipping options. The new deferred service supports the desires of international merchants to avail more low-priced items for e-commerce transactions across borders. Initially, the service will be available to UPS customers based in the U.S., the U.K., Canada, Hong Kong, and China. Other key global markets will soon be added under the service.

UPS Worldwide Economy Shipping for Small Business and E-commerce

Source: UPS.com

3. Expanded UPS Access Point Locations

UPS plans to expand its Access Point locations up to 12,000 in the coming months. The new locations include Michaels and Advance Auto Parts stores, and CVS Pharmacy. With the expansion, the access point locations will increase to 21,000 in the United States and more than 40,000 globally.

UPS announced it is expanding its popular UPS Access Point network

Source: RetailWire

4. Other Initiatives

Other initiatives pursued by UPS to achieve pickup and delivery seven days a week include:

• An extension in pickup hours for the next day ground delivery 

• Improved time used in transit 

• Introduction of a new drone subsidiary called the UPS Flight Forward

What it Means to UPS Shipping Rates

While the expansion of UPS pickups and deliveries to Saturdays may not have a significant impact on the shipping rates, it is important to have exact shipping estimates. Knowing the UPS shipping rates well in advance helps you in budgeting and having appropriate plans for your customers. Instantship's free UPS shipping calculator allows you to instantly calculate UPS shipping rates. You can also compare UPS and USPS shipping rates to choose the option that works best for you. This saves you a lot of time and frustration related to inaccurate shipping rates.